Dots, dots and more dots

Thanks to a wonderful past year, we’ve been able to support 102 Scholarships this summer, in 87 schools and colleges across England. You can see our growth in the dots on the map above (and compare to this time last year in our previous post). Thank you!

Measuring our impact

Measuring our impact Below is a link to a summary of our survey of Scholarship winners, showing just what sort of impact a £250 Scholarship can have. Thank you to all the students who took part – and donors who funded them. 2018 Survey summary

We’ve an attack of the measles

Here’s a map of where we’re awarding Scholarships this year – if you feel passionately about any of the gaps, please feel free to help us plug them!

What we do and why we do it

Below is a short film outlining what we do and why we do it – thanks to David Hooper for bringing it to life. Do please take a look…..

Where our Scholars are from

Ever wondered who we help? Well, without giving too much away, above is a map of where we placed our 16 Scholarships in 2016. We aim for more dots in 2017…..

Fifteen Scholarships and counting

We’ve just mailed out packs for our first fifteen Scholarships! The roll of honour: Truro and Penwith College, Exeter College, Collingwood College (Camberley), William Bradford Academy (Leics), King Edward VI Handsworth (Birmingham), Queen Elizabeth’s School (Crediton), Matthew Arnold School (Oxford), Moulsham High School (Chelmsford), Midhurst Rother College (West Sussex), Newlands Girls School (Maidenhead) and Highdown […]

Behold our new infographic

We have a lovely new infographic created for us by Siavush at The Research Academy (thank you!). You can see it here infographic

Textbooks should not be a luxury

New research released today by The Reading List Foundation shows that two in five undergraduates from lower-income households have had to cut back on textbooks because of financial pressures. Others have prioritised books, but cut back on heating, trips home in term-time, study time due to having to take on paid work etc.  The impact […]