Get in Touch

If you’d like to get in touch, we’d prefer it if you email us at

You can write to us at:
The Reading List Foundation
11 Earl Richards Road North

If you need to, you can phone us on 01392 202922 – but we don’t sit by the phones 24 hours a day!


Schools or Colleges:

You can download our Award Form here (this is what you should use to inform us of the details of the student who has been awarded a Scholarship).

After completion please post it to us at the address above.

For more general enquiries please email us at .

Students – Scholarship Winners:

Congratulations on your award! In the eyes of your school leaders you thoroughly deserve this Scholarship, and we hope this recognition of your achievements is of real, practical help. A guide on how to receive the award can be downloaded here.

We hope though that receiving the Scholarship is only the start – we’d love to keep in touch and hear about your future successes. Please let us know what difference the award has made, what you hope to do in the future – and don’t forget to include your award on your CV, be proud and tell future employers about your achievements.

Students – General

Unfortunately we are not able to accept applications for Scholarships from individual students – our Scholarships are awarded through Schools and Colleges.

If you have any other enquiry though, please contact us on .