Our Supporters

As a new charity just starting up we have received invaluable support from a number of people and organisations – thank you!

Rothschild Foundation

The Rothschild Foundation is a charity supporting arts and heritage, the environment, education and social welfare by awarding grants, fostering dialogue and debate. Central to the Foundation’s vision is an ongoing commitment to Waddesdon Manor, one of the last remaining 19th century Rothschild houses.


Our Reading List Scholarships are provided in the form of a smart card worth £250 that can be spent at Blackwell’s – either in their bookshops or online. Blackwell’s have been a partner of the charity from the beginning, helping us deliver the Scholarships and ensuring students can get their textbooks at the best possible price.


YouthSight, the award-winning specialist youth research agency, were commissioned to provide us with research among their panel of undergraduates. This research has helped us understand the extent and nature of the financial pressures facing students from lower-income households, and has helped us hugely in our thinking.

Spencer Cobby Photography

Many of the photographs on our website were taken by the wonderful Exeter-based Spencer Cobby, on location at Exeter library.

Ipsos Mori

IPSOS-MORI, one of the UK’s leading research companies, were commissioned to provide us with research among the general public. This research has complemented the Youthsight work by helping us understand attitudes among the graduate population towards the charity, as well as invaluable help in estimating the number of ‘tuition fee-free’ graduates in England.