The Need

Often the big picture of tuition fees and student loans mask the detail of how it affects individual students

Percentage of students from lower-income households who have had to cut back on:


Maximum value of 2022-23 living costs loan for students living away from home outside of London


...out of ten top (non-London) universities in England that advise average livings costs at or below this level

£1,143 per year

What you would be repaying under the current system if you earn £40,000 pa and were having to repay Tuition Fees and Maintenance Loans


The cost of funding a Reading List Scholarship for a deserving student

£125 billion

Approximate value of Tuition enjoyed for free by pre-tuition fee graduates in England


Approximate annual cost of putting a Scholarship in each state-funded Year 13 in England

The difference a Reading List Scholarship makes to students: