Textbooks should not be a Luxury

Two in five undergraduates in England from lower-income households have had to cut back on textbooks because of financial pressures, while accumulating average debts of £44,000 and rising.  In comparison, many of us got a university education for free, often with significant grant support along the way. We believe this contrast is glaring…

Let’s do something about it

...but importantly we believe we can do something about it.  The Reading List Foundation exists to inspire people - including older graduates - to help fund a younger student’s First Year textbooks, providing practical, financial and emotional help.

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£110 Billion

Approximate value of tuition enjoyed for free by pre-tuition fee graduates in England


Proportion of this it would take to offer a scholarship in every Year 13 in England

Support a student’s future, today

We ask our donors to fund or co-fund £250 Scholarships for high-achieving students from lower-income households, to cover their Reading List in their first year of university.  We encourage donors to make their contribution personal – for instance directing it to their old school or college.

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Here’s a map of where we’re awarding Scholarships this year – if you feel passionately about any of the gaps, please feel free to help us plug them!

Below is a short film outlining what we do and why we do it – thanks to David Hooper for bringing it to life. Do please take a look…..

Ever wondered who we help? Well, without giving too much away, above is a map of where we placed our 16 Scholarships in 2016. We aim for more dots in 2017…..